Thursday, September 18, 2008


I officially lost 15 pounds over the summer - from 180 to 165. Altered my diet and exercise routine. Now it's back to attempting to put on mass.

Fall quarter has started and in addition to my administrative duties, I'm teaching one class. I'll be inking that previously posted Phantom work at night and on weekends...which is when I typically draw.

I don't have a lot of time for personal projects that I'd like to develop and pitch. So what I've done is take 8 sketchbooks and label them for each project I'd like to develop. Everyday when I leave work I'll grab a different sketchbook and work as I ride the train home and then back to work in the morning. This gives me about 40 min. total once every eight days to work on these projects. I just started doing this, tomorrow will be day 8 and represent the first full cycle. I think it's been pretty useful so far, I feel like I'm making progress on each of the projects which is a good feeling. I'll try and post as more work gets accomplished.

Website development is at a stand-still for now. Formatting the content is what's slowing me down. I need an intern.

...or a government bail out of a bazillion dollars...that would be good too.

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ant'ny said...

Hey, PQ.

Just happened to stumble across this, so I can now keep up-to-date without pestering you with email inquiries. Cool.

And CONGRATS on bambino #2! That's awesome news. And, lastly, glad to see some new art out of you. I'll be sure to pick 'em up.