Thursday, January 1, 2009

Baby Update

A while back I posted that we were expecting our 2nd, during October that changed.
We had to go into the hospital on a Friday when Pilar was experiencing some great abdominal pain and by Sunday night she was in surgery. It turned out that she has a second uterus that had a small tear causing massive internal bleeding - she had 4 liters of blood in her abdominal cavity. At this point, the baby, which we found out was another girl, was about 4-5 months along and doing fine. This baby was in the second uterus which was smaller than the primary uterus in which Alison grew.
On Tuesday morning, Pilar coughed, blew some stiches and a lot of blood came out, so she went back into surgery. It was during this surgery that the decision was made to remove the baby from the second uterus as it could not grow appropriately to sustain the baby. Unfortunately, the baby was not developed enough to survive outside of the uterus.
So a rough 11 days in the hospital, a few in I.C.U., but all is well. Pilar is incredibly strong and about 95% healed at this point. We've had very positive outlook on this whole experience almost immediately, being happy that Pilar is still alive and recognizing what a real miracle it is that we have Alison.
We had a lot of amazing support through this, including my Mom and sister, Ann, who came down to help out for a few days, great understanding from the SCAD family, and lots of help from the Alpharetta Mom's Club.
We're doing great and looking forward to an awesome '09!


Micah Lewis said...

Pat Quinn. I'm excited to find your blog, but sad reading this blog entry. My condolences and prayers go out to you and your family.

-PQ said...

Micah, thanks!
We're really good now, all is well! Positive things can be harvested from the bad and we feel like we've done that.

Chris Bivins said...

Pat its cool you have a blog now. Really excited in seeing what you put up next. I heard the news a few months and Im sorry for your loss. I pray that God bestows many blessings upon you and your family and my condolences to Pilar. Take care and God bless.


-PQ said...


Thanks for checking in! Your stuff looks great! Thanks for the well wishes, we're good!!