Friday, June 25, 2010

Sketch - A - Day!..starting in June???

So, yeah, a few months ago I came across Cory Walker's sketch-a-day blog, which is really cool and thought, "Hey what a swell idea, I should do that!" Months later, here we are at day 150 or something and I haven't posted anything...woo-hoo!
Time management for something like this is more daunting than I thought, mostly because if I spend 15 minutes on a "sketch" that's about 20% - 50% of my total drawing time on the weeknights. Boo-hoo...excuses, excuses...anyway, here we go in something that may not be remotely close to chronological order:

001 & 002

I'm counting that 2 heads as 1 and the lizard as the second.

003 & 004

Cap is 3, heads are collectively 4, all in ballpoint pen.


"Man, you come right out of a comic book. "


Damian Wayne is awesome.


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