Friday, July 16, 2010


This batch of drawings were done either from memory while sitting in airports in Cali, Colombia or Bogota, Colombia or live. I'll tell ya what's what.


From memory and honestly the cart could have been bigger and still accurate.


This one was done from life sitting on the front deck of my in-laws farm looking down the hill at the new corral...which currently holds some fat bunnies. Done with a brush pen.


Done from memory...the kid I saw in Bogota, the lady I saw near Villa de Leyva.


This one was done live in pencil from Tia Maria Eugenia's living room looking out towards the patio/garden.

066 - 067

Yes, I know that there are 3, but the bike is the worst. The little boy is the son of the couple that works on the in-laws farm. The soldiers on the side of the road give passing cars the "thumbs-up" to assure them that the road is free from guerillas.

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