Monday, June 28, 2010

Cover Run

I bought Adam Hughes' DC Comics cover collection, called "Cover Run," which is completely awesome. One of those things that is both really inspiring and completely depressing simultaneously. Know what I mean?

Friday, June 25, 2010

60 & 61

...almost forgot these...
060 & 061

Nightcrawler was inked with a fatty-boom-batty brush marker, which turned out pretty well I think. The Tank Girlish shot is okay for not really looking like the character.



Some Bat stuff that didn't go any farther, so I'll count 'em as one.


Lame Conan, Wolverine and Ms. Marvel


Lame Hulk...shoulders should'a been broader...lame Falcon head, Scarlet Witch is okay

056 - 058

Owlman and Superwoman, Blue Flame again! (still copyright me), Spiderman


another Spidey lacking absolutely any tension that would make the pose anywhere near believable...
That's it for hopefully I'll be able to do some more and not completely disappear for another 6 months.

036 - 048


My interpretation of the Green Lama. I like the design, but the drawing is lame.

037 & 038

Captain Mavel and the Black Terror

039 - 42

Bizarro, Ms. Marvel, squinty eyes and geriatric Barney..."I love prunes, you love prunes..."

043 - 045

Cyclops and some kinda face-like things.

046 - 48

okay Batman, l'il Flash, and another headish drawling



Avengify! Yes, I'm counting this as one.


If I didn't tell you these were from The Office, would you get it? I think not.

Okay, maybe you'd get this one.


Again, bitin' off Cory Walker's blog (Headbutt, HeadRush and Head Master)...I call this one Butt Pirate.

033 - 035

The Executive...copyright Pat Quinn 2010...back off! Two heads that I actually like...after 35 images...

019 - 028

019 & 020

Spider Woman and Storm

021 - 024

That's right, I'm counting each of 'em separately. Thor, Medusa, Enchantress, Luke Cage

025 and 026

...what just 'cause they are both kinda lame, that means I can't count 'em? Whose blog is this anyway?..ugh, those hands...


Flash feet.


Ostrichard. Go check out Cory Walker's blog again and you will love Ostrichard too.

S-A-D group3 014-018

Here we go...


For the Sherlock Holmes challenge over at the Temple.


The Avatar kid for another Temple challenge.


Fun with Banshee Part 1


Fun with Banshee Part 2...the aftermath.


Skydoll for the Temple challenge.

Sketch - A - Day! 2

Here's the next batch o' sketches...they can't all be winners folks...


Lame bat-head, all sorts of drawing tools were used to make this lame drawing.


The Blue Flame!! copyright Pat Quinn back off!



011 & 012

I'm counting each of these separately. Lame Bat-pose and decent Bat-Girl.


silly monsters...cooler monsters are here. ;)

Sketch - A - Day!..starting in June???

So, yeah, a few months ago I came across Cory Walker's sketch-a-day blog, which is really cool and thought, "Hey what a swell idea, I should do that!" Months later, here we are at day 150 or something and I haven't posted anything...woo-hoo!
Time management for something like this is more daunting than I thought, mostly because if I spend 15 minutes on a "sketch" that's about 20% - 50% of my total drawing time on the weeknights. Boo-hoo...excuses, excuses...anyway, here we go in something that may not be remotely close to chronological order:

001 & 002

I'm counting that 2 heads as 1 and the lizard as the second.

003 & 004

Cap is 3, heads are collectively 4, all in ballpoint pen.


"Man, you come right out of a comic book. "


Damian Wayne is awesome.