Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heores Con...I'm not going, buuut...

You can meet the future of comics at their own tables or at the Temple of Cartoon Mojo booth #228

Lily Cho
Wook-Jin Hunter Clark
Jeremy Cropp
Max Currie
Brandon S. Davis
Thaddeus Draheim
Jerell Drakes
Elizabeth (Liz) Enright
Clayton Forrister
Erin Gladstone
Maria Gomez
Ali Henderson
Robin Holstein
Jacob Hunt
Russell Jennings
Susan Kang
D.J. Kirkland
Falynn Koch
Michael Lavelle
Melody Ledford
Jackie Lewis
Elicia Mitchem
Audrey Morris
Rachel Ochoa
Nick Palmer
Brian Prince
Gabriela Santelices
Arielle Smith
Andre Joshua Smith
Chani Stanley
Irene Strychalski
Lisa Tolbert
Billy Wright
Jeffrey Yu
Carlos Nicolas Zamudio

Cara McGee
Remmington Veteto
Dominke Stanton

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- jeff yu
- jerell drakes
- erin gladstone
- audrey
- cara
- rachel ochoa

Check the Temple of Cartoon Mojo blog for blog addresses too!

...and of course the current comics rock stars Shawn Crystal, Nolan Woodard, Chris Schweizer and Doug Dabbs!

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