Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sketch-A-Day fun with the DCnU 077-079

With these, I think Firestorm is the most divergent take.

It's funny how his costume is frequently referred to as "classic" and "goofy" in the same breath...and I agree with both. I opted to kind of remove the costume element, having him go shirtless and head-dress-less in order to emphasize his atomic chest symbol and flaming head. I see this atomic symbol as actual big electrons (if that makes sense) orbiting the nucleus on his chest...I think that imagery gets lost on the costume quite frequently. I also took away the head-dress because it always struck me as a chimney no matter how it was altered over the years.

Using his current armor idea, I decided to emphasize the seems with a darker blue and repeat the diamond shape throughout...a little cheesier than anticipated.

Wonder Girl
Pretty bland take on it. Just spinning off the current Wonder Woman look.

So there you go.

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