Friday, May 24, 2013

Heroes Con 2013 info!

...been a while...sorry!

Look for me at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC during June 7-9. I'll be at booth AA-1524. I'll be doing sketches and have pages for sale.
Con sketches:
Head Sketch = $10
8" x 10" figure = $30 (multiply by number of figures)
11" x 14" to 17" = $45 (multiply by number of figures)

I consider these different from con sketches due to the amount of time invested. Usually done apart from a convention, but I thought I would put the info here anyway.

$75 for single character, pencil and ink drawings at 11"x17"

$50 for each additional character, 4 characters max

No refunds, exchanges, etc. Commission work will begin after receipt of payment. Money orders, cashiers checks and PayPal (I hope) are acceptable forms of payment.

Acceptance of the commission is at my sole discretion. Commissions are not intended for publication, promotional use, etc. If you do intended to use the work for publication or other public, for profit use, standard professional rates will apply.

As of this writing, I am willing to draw characters of your own devising, provided they are not intended for publication. This may change.

Please do not "art direct" the commission. I am certainly happy to have requests be as specific as possible, but the interpretation of the information is up to me.

Hope to see you there!


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