Thursday, March 20, 2014


Digital Bloodshot drawing.

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Danny Kilpatrick said...

Hi Pat!

I'm volunteering at SC Comicon this weekend and I was checking out your site when I saw this Bloodshot piece.

I'm a HUGE Valiant fan and I know that between the current relaunch of the line in 2012 and the collapse of the Acclaim universe there were rumors of what we called "VH3" that never materialized.

I remember seeing a Bloodshot piece from that era that my memory places close to this this something you were working on in conjunction with that or just a new concept you began playing with in 2014?

I'm hoping to have time to pop by some of the artist tables over the weekend so I'll introduce myself at the show...if time and schedule doesn't permit I figured I'd hedge my bets and inquire here as well.