Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Old Work - Memories of Solar Man of the Atom

I'm reading the news from SDCC and I see that Dark Horse is going to publish the Gold Key material, which is swell. It made me think back a few years ago...around 02 or 03...I drew what was supposed to be the re-launch of Solar. Had a great time working with Chris Sotomayor on that.

Clearly it didn't go anywhere and was well covered in Rich Johnston's column on ComicBookResources "Lying in the Gutters."

So here are those pages, hope you enjoy. (I always tell my students, "never show the old stuff"...maybe this will prove why that is a bad idea.)

Sadly, this wasn't my only shot at a re-launch, there was a brief period when Buddy Scalera and I were going to re-launch Bloodshot. That tanked too. No pages by me on that one, but lots of designs that are over on Anthony Koch's Bloodshot fan site. Anthony also has some Solar stuff too.

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