Thursday, March 17, 2011

Studio tour

Okay, so been a while...I'm clearly a little behind on updating the Sketch-a-Day portion of this blog. In the meantime, here's a little studio tour. It's still a work in progress, but it's coming together. Thankfully, my wife Pilar is awesome and has let me consume a portion of the basement for this.

Above is the general layout. Yes, two recliners right there in the foreground. If you were to turn around 180 degrees there's a table, shelves, etc. for the kids.

Here's a closer look at the drawling area. Supplies are nearby and the table is an old architect's table with a hydraulic pedestal base. John Lowe found 4 of these tables his first week in Savannah way back in 2000, so a bunch of us got 'em for like $50 each if I recall correctly. The bar was left by the previous owners...the booze was put there by us.

Action figures, shelves, copier/scanner/printer, big printer, pin-up board and pen holder. I stole the basic pen holder idea from Chris Schweizer, but modified it to work better for me. Only downfall is that I'm a righty and have to reach lefty for the pens and brushes. Ah well.

To the right of the table, the bar is stocked with reference books, sktechbooks, boxes of old pages, and kitchen stuff that doesn't have any other home. I think you can see Kalibaks' feet on the bar top.

Here's closer glimpse at the "reading room" portion of the space. Shelving thanks to Borders. I've left a couple shelves for the kids, one row dedicated to books by my peeps and obviously the drawers are stocked with additional comics. Sadly, there's still about 30 comic boxes and a bazillion action figures in our storage area. They'll be out someday...someday...


Shawn Crystal said...

Geek Boner in Full E F F E C T.

-PQ said...

ha! Thanks!