Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sketch-a-day? catching up? 039 - 064

Trying to catch particular order...have mercy...

039 - 046

Above I got the not-so-wise idea that I should do 5 minute sketches to try and catch-up. Yeah...less than awesome. The Mary Marvel(s) I did will sitting outside Starbucks with my daughter, drinking our frappucinos and each drawing in our sketchbooks...say it with me, "awwwww."


The first 2 on this page were done while lying on the basement floor with Ali. Next 4 are the first in the 5 min. drawing debacle.

053 - 062

Yeah, that's Rapunzel with the neck she would really if it's all based in reality to begin with. White Goodman likes it.


The above 3 were exercise-ish things to try different rendering techniques.

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