Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Post Heroes Con 2012

Day 2 of post Heroes Con recovery...still tired.
I haven't been to a con in 3 years, and the last time was Heroes Con. Being back in that environment was a great thrill to me in the ways that only fellow comic nerds can understand. Thanks to all the people that came by the table to look at work, have stuff signed, etc.

The ride up (and back) with Nolan Woodard and Doug Dabbs was Geek 101, as expected, and just a blast. I'm glad I got to spend some quality time with those guys. Not to mention all the faculty, students, alumni and old friends I got to see at the con.

Of course, none of that would have been possible without the support of my awesome wife Pilar. Te amo mucho!


Walden Wong said...

Those pq glasses are a nice touch! Great marketing!

-PQ said...

Thanks! I almost didn't do it, then decided at the last minute to make them. My wife, Pilar, and I stayed up cutting them out the night before the con.