Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blast from the Past - Squadron Supreme pitch

Here are some character re-designs for Marvel Comic's Squadron Supreme characters. This was part of a pitch from like 2002ish...I think. Writer Shaun Behrens and I had been developing a relationship with a Marvel editor (who is no longer there) and asked if we could pitch him some Squadron Supreme ideas, and he agreed. Shortly after submitting our pitch, the editor got back in touch and said that while he thought our stuff was great, he couldn't move on it because another Squadron Supreme pitch had come in from a name person...maybe it was people? Either way, this got shelved, but it was a great experience and that editor was very kind to look at our work and very friendly and professional about the whole experience.
These character re-designs were penciled by me, inked by John Lowe and colored by Moose Baumann.
I'll post these and some other sketches over on my Deviant Art page.


Anonymous said...

Lovely work! Nice to see the Squadron get some much-needed attention.

-PQ said...

Thanks! Glad you like them!